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Welcome to Ethiopian Kids Community!

We are a parent established and led 501(c)3 nonprofit that nurtures connections and provides support for families with Ethiopian American children. We have various gatherings for families at fun venues, topic based and just for fun parent gatherings, Ethiopian dance and Amharic classes, and other activities.  Of course, we are most known for the EKC Summer Mehaber. The Summer Mehaber has been put on hold for the time being and in its place we are hosting the EKC Family Camp for the second year in a row. Family Camp is a wonderful time to build community.

We are a grass roots organization that depends on parent involvement. We work to provide you with as much or as little structure needed for an impromptu gathering in a park, a topical discussion group, or resources for adoption issues. We welcome your ideas! Be sure to connect with us on facebook and MeetUp where we post any news about Ethiopian related events going on in our area.

Please feel free to contact me.

Stacy Bellward, EKC President of the Board