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Beyond celebration and connection, we want to have the chance to contribute to real and meaningful change for Ethiopia, a place we all love.

2012 Summer Mehaber Project

Join the team. Run a race. Change Lives in Ethiopia.

Join the team

This year EKC's Mehaber fundraising efforts will go to World Vision's clean water projects in Ethiopia. Today, the average Ethiopian 12 year old girl walked 4 miles and carried 45 lbs of contaminated water back to her home.

How we will change her life:

  1. Collect Donations: Tell this story to everyone you know and ask for a donation. Fill a water bottle with loose change, hold a garage sale, hit up Grandma and Grandpa, etc. Either bring the donations to the Mehaber or make a general donation to our team online.
  2. Team World Vision: Sacrificially run the Twin Cities Marathon or Surly Loppet 1/2 Marathon for clean water projects in Ethiopia. When friends and family find out YOU are running a marathon, they will want to know why. Ask them to support you by making a donation. If you need more information, RSVP to our information session at the link below or contact Bekah Backman at larryandbekah@hotmail.com..

Join the Team or Donate Online
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2011 Summer Mehaber Project - Uniforms for Everyone

A $20 donation will purchase a new high-quality uniform and shoes for a child in need. In a school with a mix of tuition-paying and sponsored students, uniforms can be a great equalizer. Many children under sponsorship own only a few items of clothing. They come from families who are struggling with poverty and difficult circumstances. Uniforms are included in the sponsorship because families cannot afford them. Uniforms are locally made and include a pair of sturdy shoes. Children feel proud to wear their uniforms and it is one less burden on their families. Your donation will help provide uniforms to children who need them most.

2010 Summer Mehaber Project - Healthy Living Project
The garden project at Hossana school is flourishing! They are yielding many crops that help sustain the meal program which feeds 220 children every day. The chicken coup has also been productive, producing about 28 eggs per day. The extra crops and eggs, not able to be used by the meal program, are sold at the local market and revenue is used for the school. There are two gardeners employed at the school who earn 550 Birr per month each.

A Garden Club was formed this year for students who want to learn more. Every student has some involvement with the project, as they use the garden for examples and lessons on environment and science. They plan to host a training for families of the students who are interested in learning more about sustainable gardening practices that can be replicated in their homes. They also hope to receive a donation of apple trees soon from a local NGO. The apple trees will provide lots of nutrition for the meal program, additional revenue, and can be grafted and given to the families of students.

2009 Summer Mehaber Project – Play Equipment
The funds raised have purchased and installed playground equipment for the schoolyard including swings, a merry-go-round, slide and teeter-totter. The children love to play on this new equipment with their classmates. Soccer fields are nearing completion and volleyball courts will be installed next.

2008 Summer Mehaber Project – Water Filtration System
Money was raised to purchase a clean water filtration system for the school. This unit has been installed and is providing clean, safe water to staff, school children and their families.

2007 Summer Mehaber Project – Books for Ethiopia
Funds were donated to the organization, Ethiopia Reads, who generously committed to supply books for the school’s library, which is now open. The books are mainly at the primary level. Staff are teaching the children to properly care for the books so they can have an overnight checkout system in the future. Once staffing is in place, the library will also be open to community members after school and on weekends allowing them to benefit from this resource.