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EKC Kids Give Back

2011-Uniforms for Everyone

Kids raised $1,400 to buy 70 high-quality uniforms and shoes for the children at the Hope for Hosanna school in Ethiopia.

2010-Healthy Living Project

Kids raised $1,990 to help expand a vegetable garden at the Hossana school and add a small poultry and dairy farm with 200 egg-laying chickens and 2 high-bred dairy cows. The garden and animals will be used as an additional food source supplying vegetables, eggs and milk to the school.

2009-Hossana Sports

Kids raised over $1,300 to help CHSFS build a soccer field, volleyball court and sliding board at the school in Hossana, Ethiopia.

2008-Walk for Water

Kids raised $2,000 for a water filtration system for the CHSFS school in Hossana, Ethiopia.

2007-Ethiopia Reads

Kids raised over $2,000 to build a library through Ethiopia Reads. The library is being installed in a school in Hossana, Ethiopia.
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